Chapter One: The Shed, The Tapes, The First Release

Concerning the past and present as illuminated by the shed, the music found on the Lost Tapes, the thieves who reminded me there was a shed and whose work there made me think about what might be in all those boxes.... The First Release of Lost Tapes from the Rusting Shed:  SEVEN SONGS, Recorded Live for Radio ANU, October 1973   James Griffin Official Website and Store  for all tracks and info James Griffin YouTube Channel  for all tracks plus album imagery and lyrics All tracks available digitally from Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon , Deezer, Pandora, You Tube Music, Tidal, Groove Music (Microsoft), f rom Sept 1 st 2017.... In the Summer I went to my home town to clear a broken-windowed, doorless, rusting corrugated iron shed of everything three generations of my family had once considered worth keeping. Books, letters, military service medals from two world wars. Shoes, teapots, vases, tea sets, china figurines. Balls, bats, hammers, saws and rotar